Tianjin SwARC Automotive Research Laboratory Co., Ltd. is a joint venture testing and research institute established by China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. and Southwest Research Institute in 2005. The company is now recognized as a state-level science and technology SME.

The company has built up extensive business relations with the vast majority of domestic vehicle (machine) companies, automotive after-treatment device suppliers, and automotive oil products companies since its establishment. At present, SwARC has a full range of testing and evaluation capabilities covering gasoline and diesel vehicles exhaust after-treatment devices; reliability and calibration verification and testing capabilities for engine powertrain development; verification and testing for fuel, oil, additives for bench and full vehicle. It is the third-party testing and research institution with the most comprehensive testing services in the domestic in regard to the above fields.

The Company put the industry advantages of Company's investors of the joint venture into fullplay. The Company is guided by Tianjin National Passenger Car Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in business and technically relies on the support of the Southwest Research Institute of the United States to constantly innovate in the service industry.

The Company has a high-level professional test and research team compose of academic leaders, senior project managers, test engineers, and professional technicians. R & D personnel has expertise in the engine, vehicle engineering, automation control, chemical, materials and other professional fields, technical personnel accounts for more than 75%. It is accessible to design exclusive projects and test programs that are suitable for product R&D verification according to customers' different needs.

The Company joined the membership of Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China), China Vehicle Environment Pollution Control (CVEC), China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association (CICEIA), Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines (CSIE), Association of China Rare Earth Industry (ACREI), Chinese Petroleum Society (CPS). Over the years, SwARC has provided a series of technical services for the government's relevant industry organizations, including standardized research and development, policy and regulatory research, and so on.

Adhering to the concept of "serve the industry" of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. and the mission of "scientific development" of Southwest Research Institute of the United States, SwARC is, like its name, "diligent in exploration and courageous to conquer". With scientific spirit, first-class technology and equipment, and customer-oriented service concept, the Company provides domestic and foreign customers with "scientific, accurate, fair and equal" test evaluation and technical services, and creates a professional experiment research service institute with advanced international standards.