Gasoline vehicle exhaust after-treatment devices evaluation test

SwARC has been committed to the test and evaluation of gasoline vehicle exhaust after-treatment devices for above 15 years, covering the testing services from Diesel China III Standard to Diesel China VI Standard, the Second to the Third party, and the research to application, endurance to performance etc.


·Responsible for or involved in the formulation and revision of a number of domestic industry standards, including HJ/T331-2006, HJ509-2009, GB/T 25983-2010.

·SwARC has the rapid aging capacity of catalyst for more than 8000 hours per year.

·SwARC has large-scale rapid engine aging system, engine-stage oxygen storage capacity (OSC) test system and various special test equipment and enjoys extensive influence in the industry.

Service catalogue:

·Three-way catalytic converter (TWC) rapid aging test, bench performance test

·Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) rapid aging test, bench performance test

·Life circle exhaust after-treatment failure analysis, test method development and verification based on the requirements of enterprises (full vehicles and catalysts)

·Fuel, oil and additives after-treatment systems test and evaluation

·after-treatment systems test methods and loop implementation for companies