Diesel engine exhaust after-treatment devices test evaluation

Systematic introduction

We took the lead in formulating the early performance evaluation standard for diesel exhaust after-treatment devices (HJ451-2008) “Technical Requirements for Environmental Protection Products, After-treatment devices for diesel vehicle exhaust”.

In response to the demand for diesel exhaust after-treatment devices from the China VI stage diesel engine emission regulations , we took the lead in organizing over 30 full vehicle and after-treatment enterprises at home and abroad, and jointly revised series evaluation standards T/CAEPI 12-2017 “Technical Requirements for Diesel Vehicle Exhaust After-treatment Devices.

It has provided fair third-party test evaluation, product screening and verification services for nearly 100 domestic diesel exhaust after-treatment enterprises for more then10 years.

Capabilities to serve:

1)Conduct post-processing product test evaluation in accordance with national or industry standards:

·General performance, conversion efficiency, rapid aging...

·Regulatory exhaust tests (ESC, ETC, WHSC, WHTC...);

·Unconventional exhaust analysis (NO2, N2O, NH3...);

2)Perform formulation screening, test and improvement of after-treatment products of Diesel China V or VI Standard;

·Conduct product formulation screening and test according to customer requirements or by providing plans;

·Analyze issues of products and assist in the improvement;

3)Analyze industry hot issues and develop test methods

·Analytical test of hot issues (mixing uniformity, vanadium volatilization, urea crystallization risk...)

·Evaluation method development as a standard