Powertrain development test

In the past ten years, the powertrain platform has provided high-quality test services for OEMs such as GM, Volkswagen, Beijing Automotive, Geely, and JMC, and the benches have completed 200,000 hours of tests. The platform provides customers with customizable butler-style services to meet their needs for different test tasks.

Platform features:

·Advanced test equipment and efficient bench operation rules.

·Several special oil depots to meet special project needs.

·Experienced field engineers and technicians.

·7*24—7*8 multiple job shift schedules to meet project needs.

·Connect to the center platform of CATACRC and provide more test equipment and projects.

Platform service framework:

·The platform provides a one-stop service for steam and diesel endurance test, which allows customers to efficiently complete routine testing tasks.

·The platform provides benchmarking and measurement services for advanced engines.

·The platform is technologically supported by Southwestern Research Institute in the United States. It accepts mechanical development, combustion development, and various test.

·The platform conducts pre-research projects for industry hot issues such as low-speed pre-ignition and oil dilution to provide customers with data and experience support.