Fuel Oil Bench Test

The fuel and lubricant engine bench test platform focuses on the evaluation of the applicability test of automotive fuel and lubricant oil products. Over the years, it has cooperated with Sinopec, PetroChina, ExxonMobil, Shandong Chambroad Petrochemical and other fuel and lubricants companies as well as conducted a series of technical service cooperation with additive companies such as Infineum, Lubrizol, Orenai, Afton Chemicals and so on, and participated in the oil company, OEM tripartite cooperation. It also undertakes the standard-setting and related test work of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE China).

Platform Features

·Advanced hardware measurement and control equipment and strict engine bench operation rules.

·Rich project experience, providing program design, test process control, and results analysis services.

·Provide relevant national standard test and verification services relying on China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. to

·Undertake related commissioned test services for oil products, relying on technical support from the Southwest Research Institute of the United States.

·Develop special test methods for oil products.

Service profile

·Evaluation of the effects of fuel and alternative fuels on engine power, fuel economy, exhaust, and harmlessness.

·Evaluation of the impact of fuel additives on engine performance.

·Evaluation of the impact of lubricants on the fuel economy of the engine.

·Evaluation of the impact of lubricants on engine operating reliability.

·Assist in the development and validation of new oil products.